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You probably know that when your brakes start squealing, you need to get your car into the shop for service, but do you recognize the other signs that you need brake service? You will save a lot of money by having your car’s braking system inspected when you go in for an oil change. Replacing your brake pads when they are worn will protect the rotors and discs on your vehicle, which are much more costly to replace.

Lynn’s Automotive in Frederick, MD provides brake replacement and brake repair to keep your car safe on the road for you and your passengers. Taking care of your brakes is vital to your vehicle’s performance. You do not want to take chances with your car’s ability to stop when you need it to.

If your brake pedal feels squishy when you push it, it is time to have your system checked. Alternatively, if the pedal is hard to press down, you also need service. You should also listen for a grinding sound. If you have ignored a squeal for some time, your brakes will begin to grind when metal rubs against metal. If your car is pulling toward one side or the other when braking, you may have issues with your brakes.

Do not wait when you notice problems with your vehicle’s braking ability. Get your car into our shop for brake service so that you do not risk your life or that of your passengers.

At Lynn's Automotive, we have professional mechanics who will make the repairs to your car so you stay safe on the road.

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