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Sometimes, making the choice for used tires on your car is just the thing you need. You may be having a hard time financially and just need to keep your car running at the best price. You may want to match the wear on other tires. Maybe you are getting ready to sell your car and do not want to invest a lot of money in new tires.

At Lynn’s Automotive in Frederick, MD, we keep quality used tires in stock to help meet the needs of your vehicle and budget. We balance and install tires quickly to allow you to keep you up with your busy lifestyle. Do not take chances with your valuable automotive investment. When you need to replace a tire on your vehicle and need to save money, bring your car to us.

Worn tires can cause your car to lose control, have difficulty braking, and have poor drivability. You will not get good fuel efficiency when your tires are not inflated correctly. It is important to take care of your tires and check your tread every month. A tire pressure gauge is very inexpensive and easy to keep in your glove compartment. It takes just a few minutes to check the pressure and look at the wear on your tires to make sure they are in good condition.

Ask us about tire rotation when you bring your car to us for an oil change. If one of your tires is worn, check with us about our used tires for sale.

At Lynn's Automotive, we want to keep you safe while saving you money.

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